Hi, I’m Ellie.

I’m a wife, mother of three and an entrepreneur. My love for travel and my passion for helping people is why I became a travel advisor.

My first trip to Ireland is when I fell in love with the Emerald Isle. I was blessed to be able to celebrate my mom’s birthday in her favorite destination. The stories, laughter and memories we created together is something I will cherish forever. My mom had been to Ireland before, but wanted nothing more than to share her Irish roots. Experiencing the beautiful country she loves was a true gift to all of us. To explore and fall in love with Ireland while enjoying time with my mom was priceless.

This was the start of the love affair with Ireland.

I have always had an interest in my Irish heritage and enjoyed the music, dance and culture of the Irish people. When I returned home from my trip to Ireland, I could not contain my excitement and love for the Emerald Isle and its people. I found myself talking about Ireland nonstop and wanting to learn as much as possible about all the travel options available for my clients.

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